Undergraduate Catalog F12-S13 with Spring 2013 Course Updates

Latin American Studies Minor

A minor in Latin American Studies (LAST) requires a minimum of 18 semester hours:

  • Six hours of required coursework (LAST 3300, HIST 2371 or 2372, or SPAN 3374 plus either a 3000-level Spanish-language course or a course covering Mexican-American and/or Latino-related topics).
  • Three 3000- or 4000-level courses in one of three possible areas of concentration (Latin American Cultural Studies, including WCL 3392; Latin American History, Politics, and Society; or Latin American Economics and Business Practices).
  • One additional course at the 4000-level in the student's area of concentration. This course may be an independent study course focusing on a research project or an internship in the student's area of concentration.
  • Twelve of the 18 semester hours must be in residence, including 6 semester hours at the 3000- or 4000-level.
  • A minimum 2.0 grade point average for all courses applied to the minor is required.

Catalog Publish Date: August 22, 2012
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