Staff Council

The University of Houston Staff Council is an advisory body to the President of the University and the University administration. Staff Council consists of elected staff members from each division who represent the entire staff body.

Current and incoming Staff Council members, August 6, 2015

Current and incoming Staff Council members met on August 6 at the New Member Orientation and Leadership Luncheon to learn about Council procedures and begin planning for the coming year. From left: Sawsan Shatleh, Marc Laney, Pam Muscarello, Vanessa Colchado, Andy Moon, Pamela Moses, Gabriela Diaz, Nalan Giannukos, Lisa Bourque, Matthew Castillo, Princess Ephriam, Jennifer Potocki, Cassandra Millhouse, Karl Hearne, Martha Hayes, Robert Torres-Torres, Elsie Myers, Wendy Gary, Chris Foster, Joana Tan, Jacqueline Chee, Keri Myrick, Monica Sanchez, Sheree Pearce, Jamie Thomas, Rebecca Szwarc, Peggy Levy, Dia Martinez, Andrea Johnson, Lynn Smith, Troy Christensen, Kim Barras, Lear Hickman. Photo by MyTrang Baccam.

2015 Membership Election Results Announced

Staff Council is pleased to announce the following results of the member elections for the 2015-2016 year. Thanks to all who participated in the voting process. You have had a direct impact on who represents you in multiple arenas on campus among administration, faculty, students and your staff colleagues.

Many thanks to each of you who ran to be a staff representative. If you did not win a position on Staff Council at this time, please continue pursuing this goal. The membership and opportunities to serve as a non-member are fluid throughout the year, because personal and career changes in individuals' lives occur and create unexpected needs on the Council.

Congratulations to each newly elected member! Welcome aboard! We look forward to working with you!

2015-2016 Staff Council Elected / Re-elected Members

At-Large: Robert Torres-Torres, Graduate School

Academic Affairs: Gillian M. Bautista, M.D. Anderson Library; Monica Sanchez, Materials Science and Engineering, Cullen College of Engineering; Sawsan Shatleh, College of Optometry; Lynn Smith, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; Joana Tan, Mechanical Engineering, Cullen College of Engineering; Jamie Thomas, Human Development and Consumer Sciences, College of Technology

Administration & Finance: Lisa Bourque, Facilities; Matthew Castillo, Technology Support Services; Jacqueline Chee, State Accounting; Peggy Levy, Business Services

Research: Debborah Dowell, Office of Contracts and Grants; Jennifer Potocki, Office of Contracts and Grants

Student Affairs: Lear Hickman, Scholarships and Financial Aid; Tonya Winters, Counseling and Psychological Services

University Advancement: Marc Laney, Development

University Marketing, Communication and Media Relations: Vanessa Colchado, Marketing

UH Staff Council 2014-2015 Strategic Plan

The work of the University of Houston Staff Council (SC) is based on the principle initiatives taken from its charter, below. The following strategic plan outlines the initiatives and goals of the Staff Council committees that have been determined to successfully achieve the Council’s purpose for the 2014-2015 year. Although some aspects of the Council’s success can be measured through quantitative data, much of the work is accomplished through the collaborative relationships established among staff, faculty and students, which cannot always be quantified. This strategic plan will provide a basis for determining how well we have achieved our aims. The Council is proud to represent the staff members who carry out the mission of the University, contribute to the entire UH community and our students’ success.

See the full Strategic Plan here.