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College of Pharmacy Business Office

UHCOP Central Business Office (CBO)

713-743-1234 (phone); 713-743-0698 (fax)

Housed in Room 3041 (3rd floor) in Health Building 2 on the UH Main campus, the Central Business Office (CBO) maintains primary responsibility for all financial, human resources, payroll and grant-related operations for the College of Pharmacy.

Managed by the college's Director of Business Operations, the CBO staff includes accounting, human resources, payroll and research grant personnel, knowledgeable in policies and procedures of the State of Texas, University of Houston System and College of Pharmacy. 

The CBO staff also includes department business administrators assigned to the departments of Pharmacy Practice and Translational Research, Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy, and Pharmacological & Pharmaceutical Sciences at either HB2 or Science & Reseach Building 2.  

All deliveries for faculty, staff and lab personnel at SR2 are processed through the CBO in Room 136 SR2.

Among the major responsibilities and services within the CBO are:

· Purchasing and procurement functions, including Procurement Cards (P-Cards), Vouchers/SC Vouchers and Requisitions;

· Grant/Cost Center Reconciliation;

· Human resources and payroll, including New Hire, Rehire and Termination procedures;

· Contract management and Grant submissions; and

· Property management.

For general inquiries/deliveries, please call 713-743-1234.  

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