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Office of Assessment

About the Office of Assessment

The Office of Assessment is committed to ongoing assessment for the purpose of continuous improvement of educational processes and outcomes. Assessment staff develops and employs tools directed toward programmatic and course specific assessments.

In order for a curriclum to meet the needs of the program and achieve stated outcomes, it is necessary to ask the questions of the right people. It is essential to gather valid information that can be used to fine tune a curriculum and provide a means of continuous quality improvement.


A primary mission of the College of Pharmacy is to provide a comprehensive pharmacy, graduate and postgraduate education to a diverse student population that prepares them to improve patient outcomes through implementation of pharmaceutical care and to assume leadership positions in basic and clinical research/practice. The College of Pharmacy has made it a goal to insure that students in the college actually gain the knowledge and experience in each course and in the program intended in the curriculum.


Innovation and continual development of means to determine the effectiveness of pharmacy/graduate/post-graduate education within the University of Houston College of Pharmacy, at the University of Houston, in general, and outside the university as well.

The assessment of courses, programs, curriculum and learning using assessment tools developed within the College of Pharmacy but applicable to other disciplines.

Provide information or programs to assist the faculty, students and other colleges with assessment techniques, interpretation and continual curricular improvement.

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