2010 Election Coverage: Local, State, National

As you pursue stories on the various issues surrounding the upcoming elections, please consider these experts from the University of Houston.  Should you have difficulty connecting with these resources, please call me at 713-295-0712. 

Politics and Political Campaigns

Brandon Rottinghaus

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science



His expertise includes the presidency, media, public opinion, political communication, executive-legislative relations and electoral politics. Rottinghaus has commented about the Texas race for governor and President Barack Obama's first year in office. 

Elections State, Elections Local

Renee Cross

Associate Director, Hobby Center for Public Policy



Cross' research areas include Houston and Texas politics, redistricting, urban politics, and the impact of the Internet on civic engagement.  She also is a contributor to the Hobby Center for Public Policy blog, Inside Policy and Politics.

Christine LeVeaux-Haley

Interim Dean, Honors College



LeVeaux-Haley's research has included redistricting, congressional politics, and African Americans and elections.  She also has provided perspective about youth, Barack Obama and the midterm elections. 

Government and Politics

Richard Murray

Director, Survey Research Institute



Murray's expertise includes national, state and local government and politics, redistricting, public opinion and political parties. His experience includes serving as a consultant on more than 200 political campaigns.  Murray is a frequent commentator on politics for national and local media.  (NOTE: Print and radio requests only)

Economic Indices and the Midterm Elections

Jim Granato

Director, Hobby Center for Public Policy



Granato has written about and researched the influences on economic agents and how those results impact or are impacted by policymakers. He has lectured on the presidency, the president's relation to Congress, national elections, the impact of the election on policy as well as the affect of the economy on the election. He also is a contributor to the Hobby Center for Public Policy blog, Inside Policy and Politics.

Housing, Foreclosures and the Midterm Elections

Evert Crawford

Interim Director, Institute for Regional Forecasting



Crawford's research on the housing market, locally and nationally, has been used by consumers, policymakers and other stakeholders.  His perspective also is featured in the Hobby Center for Public Policy blog, Inside Policy and Politics.