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Health Care Intervention: Treating High-Need, High-Cost Patients

Patients with complex needs such as serious mental and physical health problems and substance use disorders flock to emergency rooms costing the health care system billions of dollars every year. A new study led by Dr. Dave Buck, associate dean for community health at the UH College of Medicine, suggests a nontraditional approach to these patients can significantly improve their daily functioning and health outcomes. Read more …

UH Nursing Recognized for Diversity, Inclusion

UH College of Nursing has been recognized nationally for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. For the fourth year in a row, INSIGHT Into Diversity Magazine has bestowed the college with the Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award. Read more …

Bauer Research Focuses on the Intersection of Art and Community Development

A new interdisciplinary study from C.T. Bauer College of Business yields important insights about the intersection of art and community development. Associate Dean for Research and Marketing Professor Vanessa Patrick (pictured) and Bauer doctoral student Ngoc “Rita” To are part of a team of researchers whose work, “Collaborative Art: A Transformational Force Within Communities,” was recently published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Read more …

A New Era of Engineering Excellence

The latest issue of Parameters, the Cullen College of Engineering magazine, is now available. In this issue, the magazine explores UH Engineering's expansion to UH at Katy and how it serves as a model partnership between academia and industry. It also delves into the launch of the College's new Innovation & Entrepreneurship initiative and the many exciting ideas that are being brought from the lab to the market.  Read more …

Our People

    • Praveen Bollini, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, found that a catalyst using bulk cerium oxide – the most abundant of the rare earth elements in the Earth’s crust – can efficiently remove the excess oxygen from biomass, allowing it to be economically converted to fuels and chemicals. Read more.
    • When it comes to TV viewing, 178 million American consumers watch with a smartphone or some other mobile device in hand. Marketing Professor Rex Yuxing Du and his fellow researchers developed a framework for modeling online behavioral response at the minute level, providing a better way for marketing managers to evaluate the effectiveness of TV ads. Read more.
    • Members of the GeoSociety at UH gathered at the south end of Science and Research Building 1 to rejuvenate a planter into a second rock garden for the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. The rock garden includes carbonates, igneous, pure minerals and petrified wood samples. Rock samples were donated by the EAS department with the help of Shelby Johnston, Ph.D. student in geology, and Jinny Sisson, EAS instructional professor. Read more.
    • Cunjiang Yu, Bill D. Cook Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, along with a team of researchers, has devised a soft neurorobot with a neurologically integrated tactile sensory skin, allowing it to sense interactions with the external environment and respond accordingly. The work represents a significant step toward the development of prosthetics that could directly connect with the peripheral nerves in biological tissues, as well as toward advances in soft neurorobots capable of thinking and making judgments. Read more.

Our Campus

    • UH Libraries announced a new campus-wide open access service and will host open educational resource workshops to highlight University initiatives related to open access. Faculty can learn more about freely available learning materials which may be legally used, shared, and adapted for the classroom. Read more.
    • The Staff Tuition Scholarship supports and encourages employee development through formal education, with a priority on the attainment of baccalaureate degrees and beyond at the University. The Spring 2020 Staff Tuition Scholarship application window is open now through Nov. 22. Read more.
    • A team of assessors from the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) will visit the University of Houston Police Department (UHPD) on Oct. 19 to examine all aspects of UHPD’s policies and procedures, management, operations and support services. UHPD and IACLEA invite the public’s feedback as a part of the IACLEA accreditation process. Members of the public may call 713-743-0596 on Monday, Oct. 21 from 1 – 3 p.m. or submit their feedback in writing. Read more.
    • Works by Jacqueline Nova, a pioneer in electroacoustic music, and Paul Mpagi Sepuya, a globally acclaimed photographic artist, will be on view at the Blaffer Art Museum. Both exhibitions will debut with a reception from 5 – 8 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 19 and are free and open to the public. Read more.