A Season of Pat Downs, Wine Pairings and Stress Levels

As you pursue holiday stories, please keep in mind these experts from the University of Houston.  Should you have difficulty reaching any of our experts, please give us a call.    

Retail Sales: Heading to the mall or to the computer, holiday consumers are ready to buy.  Will that translate to happy holidays for retailers?  Professor Betsy Gelb of the Bauer College of Business has perspective of this retail year.  Reach her at 713-743-4558 or gelb@uh.edu.   

Pat Downs or Scans:  Holiday travelers, already schooled in the get-there-two-hours-early routine, are now advised to expect more delays as airports implement more security measures.  John T. Bowen, dean of the UH Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, has some tips for travelers concerned about getting to their holiday destinations. Reach him at 713-743-0209 or jbowen@uh.edu.  

Red or White:  The right wine can make a good meal great and a great meal memorable.  Kevin Simon, director of the Fred Parks Wine Cellar, has suggestions for your holiday meal, your weekend brunch or afternoon happy hour.  Reach him at 713-743-2459 or ksimon@uh.edu.  

Holiday Stress:  The pressure to produce the perfect holiday setting can be damaging to our health.  Dwindling funds or too much family togetherness provide the perfect storm for rising stress. Robert McPherson, executive associate dean of the college of education has practical suggestions to ensure happy holidays.  Reach him at 713-743-5003 or bmcph@uh.edu

Holiday Diets?: Holiday parties are hardly conducive to dieting, but there are ways to maneuver past the cookies and eggnog. Associate Professor Rebecca Lee, director of the UH Texas Obesity Research Center, offers her annual list of healthy ways to surviving the holidays. Find those here: http://grants.hhp.coe.uh.edu/undo/?page_id=504  Reach her at 713-743-9310 or releephd@yahoo.com.