Graphic Communications Students at UH Show Flair For Fashion

School of Art students team with alum to create T-shirt designs for local fashion house

University of Houston graphic communication alumnus Dylan Moore was tired of formulaic fashion designs dominating the marketplace, so in 2006, he decided to create his own clothing line.

His own tastes were steeped in retroware that resembled attire found in yesteryear's lounges, rock clubs and pool halls. With that, he created contemporary designs based on classic aspects of American culture and founded Tupelo Grease Co. Grateful to the school that helped him develop as an designer, Moore recently offered graphic communications students in the UH School of Art a chance to have their designs placed on attire produced by his company.

Groups of juniors and seniors collaborated on T-shirt designs for a spring line that follows the theme of the "seven deadly sins." The shirts will be available this spring, and proceeds from these creations will be donated to UH's graphic communications program in the School of Art.

"I started to recognize the project as an opportunity to reconnect with the program, refresh my own creative energy, gather inspiration from some new sources, give a little something back and, of course, have fun in the process," said Moore.

The designs for the "sin" series feature text depicting both the sin and corresponding virtue (Sloth - Action; Gluttony - Satisfaction), as well as illustrations over a background resembling "Rorschach" inkblot images.

"Having the experience to work with an outside designer helped me to understand what it is like to work with a company during the production stage of a project," said Kelly Musebeck, a senior graphic communications student, who assisted with the project.

The UH School of Art's graphic communications program prepares student designers through curriculum focused on graphic design methodology, research and theory. It offers both bachelor of fine arts and master of fine arts degrees. For more details on the program and the School of Art, visit

Tupelo Grease Co. produces limited-edition, hand-printed T-shirts and vintage clothing featuring Moore's original designs. Items are available in a limited number of Houston boutiques including M2M, Lab 5, Style Lounge, Jeans Couture and Posh Boutique. For more information, visit

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