Faculty Update

An Important Announcement from UH

Dear UH Faculty Member:

We now have had a couple days of operation and we could certainly not consider the situation business as usual because of the many personal losses and inconveniences experienced by the faculty, staff and students. Many of you have shared your thoughts with the deans, department chairs, Faculty Senate leadership, others in the administration and with me. Thank you for all your comments and concerns that you expressed, we have read each and every e-mail, letter and responded to all phone calls. You are interested and engaged colleagues, and for that we are very thankful.

I want to thank you personally for meeting your classes, assisting your colleagues, continuing your research and engaging in volunteer services during the past few days. There is no doubt about your commitment to UH, its vision and mission and to the community, we greatly appreciate all you do. Please stay in touch with your deans, department chairs and your students while the academic activity at UH begins to return.

Again, thank you for all you do and for your understanding during this difficult time.

All best wishes,


Jerald W. Strickland
Interim Provost