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Graduation Certification

File for Graduation with the University of Houston

To graduate from the University of Houston and The Honors College, students must officially notify both the University and the Honors College by "filing for graduation." Students should file no later than the first semester of their senior year. Students may submit a graduation application request online through their Enrollment Services Online account.

File for Graduation with The Honors College

Prior to registering for their final semester, graduating seniors are required to make an appointment with the Honors College Graduation Advisor, Andy Little ( This appointment provides the student an opportunity to review their Honors coursework and determine their Honors College graduation status. Seniors are strongly urged to make this appointment as soon as possible during the first semester of the final year.

Advising Checklist

When you attend your advising session, bring these items:

  1. Advisor name and office location

  2. Proposed schedule of classes

  3. Partially completed Honors College Advising form

  4. Stops cleared and account paid to date?

  5. Honors Coursebook, plus supplemental pages

  6. If graduating senior, have you filed proper paperwork with both UH and the Honors College?