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Minor in Special Populations

Is this program for me?

The minor in Special Populations provides students with coursework related to careers that support: individuals with disabilities (or those perceived to have disabilities); individuals who require greater levels of support as they age; or individuals who experience challenges with language, learning, social skills, or the effects of aging. The minor, open to all students, would be especially appropriate for the following majors: 

  • American Sign Language Interpreting
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Health
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Teaching and Learning

What will I Learn?

Students pursuing a Minor in Special Populations will learn to:

  • Understand, assess, and evaluate the needs of individuals across the lifespan with disabilities to make evidence-based decisions.
  • Recognize the significance of diversity for evaluation, planning, and intervention.
  • Promote educational, independent living, behavioral and social performance.
  • Apply knowledge of transition issues across the lifespan.

Since degree plans change periodically, students will follow the degree plan that is in place at the time in which they complete an official, signed degree plan.  Following is the most current sample degree plan for a Minor in Special Populations.

To apply for this minor, make an appointment with a Special Populations Undergraduate Advisor.


EPSY 3360 – Individuals with Disabilities

EPSY 4362 – Behavioral Interventions: Evidence-Based Decisions

EPSY 4363 – Instructional Interventions: Introduction

EPSY 4353 – Technology in Special Populations

EPSY 4367 – Consultation Strategies and Coaching

A total of fifteen (15) hours are required, nine (9) of which must be advanced. Six (6) hours must be taken in residence. Students must earn a 2.00 minimum cumulative grade point average on courses attempted in the minor at the University of Houston.


On occasion, new courses including selected topics will be added to this list as they are developed. Students may begin declaring this as their minor after September 1, 2017.

For more information please contact the Special Populations Advisor.