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Adjunct Faculty: Graduate College of Social Work

Faculty Course Taught & Research Interest Email
Fabeain Barkwell Adolescents
Jennifer Battle Contemporary Issues in MH
Deysi Crespo Fiscal Management and Budgeting dmcrespo@Central.UH.EDU

Gracely, JillJill Gracely

Cognitive Behavioral Interventions

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Maranda Harris Confronting Oppression & Injustice
Sandra Kalu Confronting Oppression & Injustice srjeter@Central.UH.EDU
Bec Sokha Keo Confronting Oppression & Injustice
Michelle O'Bryant Confronting Oppression & Injustice
O'Neal, Vaughn
Vaughn O'Neal

Groups in Clinical Settings

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Ashley Ochoa Advanced Social Policy

Ortiz, LillianLillian Ortiz

Social Policy Advocacy

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Powell, Torey
Torey Powell

Program Planning & Evaluation

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Mor Regev School Social Work
Yi Ren Evaluation of Practice yren4@Central.UH.EDU
Rodgers, Beverly
Beverly Rodgers

Grief & Bereavement

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Rose, Alexis
Alexis Rose

Evaluation of Practice

Dr. Rose’s personal research interests include resilience and specifically how to foster and grow these behaviors in others. She also works primarily in healthcare and nursing practice, which are reflected in her research. She has a history of work in halting the progression of sepsis. Full Profile »

Patricia Taylor, PHD, LCSW-S DSM
Melissa Torres Human Trafficking/ Policy in the Social Environment
Ann Webb Policy in the Social Environment awebb3@Central.UH.EDU
Maria Wilson Confronting Oppression & Injustice
Emily Winfield Confronting Oppression & Injustice