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“Racial Justice is a Journey. We believe that racial justice is an active journey; therefore, we commit to continuously working on ourselves and with our communities to act both individually and collectively to achieve the systemic fair treatment of all people.” - GCSW’s Racial Justice Principles




Racial Justice is a Journey: Walk N’ Listen 2024


The GCSW will spend the 2022-2023 academic year exploring the seven Racial Justice Principles formally adopted by the College in May 2022. Inspired by the principle “Racial Justice is a Journey,” the HEAR Lab team has curated four podcast episodes as a way to start conversations around anti-racist research. We invite you to walk and listen each week to join us on this journey.



How to Participate


  1. Listen to the podcast episode while taking a self-care walk. You can follow this podcast playlist on Spotify

  2. Join in the conversation on social media! We invite you to tweet a picture of yourself walking, a picture from your walk, or a key takeaway from the chosen episode with our hashtags #WalkNListen and/or tag @GCSWHEARLab on Twitter.



    Submitted by Tanya Rollins, MSW (Third Year PhD student) 

    thumb_tanyarollins.jpg"My choices reflect the diversity within the Black community and embody GCSW's stated mission of engaging in practice and research that includes the voices of those impacted by oppressive systems." - Tanya Rollins, MSW Listen →

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    Week of February 11, 2024

    Submitted by Edward Scott, Jr., PhD, LCSW (Assistant Professor of Social Work)
    edward-scott---standard-headshot-1.jpg "Rest is Resistance is the permission we've convinced ourselves we need to, as my Grandmother would say, 'Go sit down somewhere.' Honestly, I'm still moving through the text, but it's because I find myself taking extra breaths. I think that's Tricia Hersey's point though. So much of our social order links our worth to our productivity. Overloaded calendars are treated as badges of honor. Everyone's busy and yet so little is truly being resolved. The Nap Bishop, as Hersey might affectionately be called, extends a loving-yet-convicting prompt to sit, breathe,  rest, and honor those deeds as modes of resistance too." - Edward Scott, Jr., PhD, LCSW Listen →

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    Week of February 18, 2024

    Submitted by André Marcel Harris, MSW (Third-year PhD student)

    thumb_andreharris.jpg "The Color Code podcast does an eloquent job of illustrating the health disparities that are caused by structural racism. Policies such as redlining, and discrimination in housing access have been intricately tied to negative health outcomes for Black communities."  - André Marcel Harris  Listen →

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    Week of February 25, 2024

    Submitted by Renia s. Butler, AFAINA (Director of Communications)

    renia-butler-headshot.jpg ”Unearthing the unpalatable truths embedded in the annals of American history stands as a crucial measure to safeguard against the recurrence of such historical injustice. ” - Renia s. Butler. Listen →

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