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Technical Reports

Most sponsored projects include a requirement to furnish the Sponsor with a technical report. The Principal Investigator bears the responsibility of preparing and submitting these reports. Reporting requirements will vary from Sponsor to Sponsor, and specific report requirements will be included in the notice of award sent to the PI and to the Department Business Manager. But in general, a technical report might include the following information:

  • A complete heading, listing the identifying grant number, the Principal Investigator, the name of the University of Houston, the project title, and the dates of the entire period of the grant;
  • A statement of progress made toward achieving the stated aims;
  • A list of the results, positive or negative, direct or indirect, considered significant by the PI;
  • A list of publications; and
  • A completed SF 298 for reports going to the Department of Defense.

The report may be mailed directly to the sponsor. It is imperative that technical reports be submitted on a timely basis. Failure to do so may jeopardize future funding for the University. A copy of each report or evidence of submission to the sponsor must be sent to the Division of Research, either in hard or electronic copy, or the copy may be uploaded directly into the DOR database.

Technical reporting under internally funded research: A final report is required for all internally funded projects. It should describe the outcome of the project. It should also include information concerning external applications or awards submitted or received as a result of the funding. The submission date, the title of the project, inclusive dates, agency, total amount requested, and the status of each application should be included. Final reports should be submitted to the Division of Research, Office of Contracts and Grants-2015. Electronic versions will also be accepted and may be sent to the Research Administrator assigned to the project.

Final reports that are not submitted by the deadline date will preclude the principal investigator from receiving any additional internal funds. If there is a reason the final report is delayed contact the grant administrator to see if an extension can be obtained.