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Proposal Preparation

OCG and, often, college staff are available to assist faculty who are interested in submitting a research proposal.

Research Administrators

In addition to the Division of Research's research administrators, many colleges have their own research administrators to assist faculty with identifying funding opportunities, electronically routing and submitting proposal documentation, securing necessary approvals from committees, managing the award, and closing out the award. Refer to this Research Teams webpage to find out whether a college-based Research Administrator (CRA) is available to you and to find your point-of-contact at the University-level.

Guidelines and Policies

Refer to the Proposal Submission webpage for information on how proposals are administatively managed and submitted to the sponsor.

Proposal Guide

Refer to the Proposal Guide webpages information on processing requirements, endorsement requirements, compliance overview, and to learn about the sections of a typical proposal.

Proposal Development

Refer to information on on-campus training and contact the Office of Research Development. ORD staff:

  • Identify and announce funding opportunities, especially high-dollar, high-profile opportunities,
  • Develop and organize research teams and facilitates proposal development, and
  • Review and edit of proposals.

Proposal Budgets

Refer to resources that can help you pull together a budget that supports the extent of the project you seek to conduct.

Institutional Data Sheet

The list provides data necessary for completing sponsor forms.