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Institutional Data Sheet


UH Federal Identification Number (TIN/FEIN #)


UH System Federal Employer's ID #


FICE code




DUNS +4 #




SAM (System for Award Management) registration validity
SAM registration replaces CCR, FedReg, ORCA and EPLS

12/10/2019 to 12/9/2020



NIH Entity ID #(FEIN)


NIH Institutional Profile File number


NSF Institution #


NIFA Recipient ID for the ASAP System

ALC/Region number



UH Indirect Cost Rate (F&A rate)

See DHHS agreement; See UH memo

9/1/2017 to 8/31/2019:
53% on campus

9/1/2020 to 8/31/2023
55% on campus

9/1/2019 to 8/31/2023
33% other sponsored activities on campus

9/1/2015 to 8/31/2019:
26% off campus

See also rates list over time.

Safety and Compliance

State of Texas Radiation Safety License #


Animal Use Assurance #

See assurance

Human Subjects Federal-Wide Assurance #

See assurance 

Human Subjects IRB Registration #

IRB #1: IRB00000083
IRB #2: IRB00001711


State Employer's #


State Payee ID # (VIN)


University of Houston State Agency #


Tax Exempt #

17460013992000 (this is the State of Texas designator for the University of Houston System and all its components)

NIH Salary Cap (FY2020)

$197,300 – 1/5/20-9/30/20 (Executive Level II)
$192,300 – 10/1/19-1/4/20 (Executive Level II)


View our University's Annual Financial Reports, click here

View our Statewide Single Audit Reports: FY2012, FY2013, FY2014, FY2015, FY2016, FY2017, FY2018, FY2019

Audit Response: 2014

Cognizant Audit Agency

Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Cost Allocation
Central States Field Office
ATTN: Theodore Foster
1301 Young Street, Room 732
Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 767-3261

Cost Accounting Standards Disclosure Statement

CASB DS-2 DHHS Acceptance Letter - June 2004

CASB DS-2 Amended - May 2002

CASB DS-2 Original - February 1998

Effective date 05/1/02

Name and address of cognizant ACO where filed

Division of Cost Allocation
1200 Main Tower Rm. 1130
Dallas, TX 75202

ONR Contracts & Grants Office

Mr. James Canty
Contract Administrator
Office of Naval Research
4520 Executive Drive, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92121-3019
(619) 221-5495
(619) 221-5601 fax

Accreditation and Statute

University of Houston is accredited by: The Southern Association of Colleges & Schools
General statute that qualifies University of Houston as an institution of higher education: Texas Education Code 111.01
State of Texas Act creating the University of Houston
U.S. Department of Education-Title III and Title V programs Eligible Institution Designation Letter of Designation as an Eligible Institution

Authorized Institutional Representative, Official Address

University of Houston
Division of Research
Ezekiel W. Cullen
4302 University Drive, Room 316
Houston, TX 77204-2015

Authorized Institutional Representative, AOR Signatories

Office of Contracts and Grants, Division of Research

Beverly Rymer
Executive Director, Office of Contracts and Grants
(713) 743-5773
(713) 743-9577 fax

Dr. Benjamin Mull
Associate Director, Pre-Award
(713) 743-3711
(713) 743-9577 fax

Grace Rosanes
Assistant Director, Research Financial Services 
(713) 743-3617
(713) 743-9577 fax

Division of Research

Cris Milligan
Assistant Vice President for Research Administration
(713) 743-9201
(713) 743-9577 fax

Sponsored Project Payment Information

Bank Routing Information For security reasons, the University no longer provides this information on the web. Contact a Contracts and Grants representative for this information.
Mailed Checks Treasurer
University of Houston System
P.O. Box 988
Houston, TX 77001-0988
(713) 743-8731
(713) 743-8709 fax
ACH Only Bank of America
700 Louisiana
Houston, TX 77002
ABA Routing #111000025
For the UH bank account number, contact the Office of Contracts and Grants.
Int'l Wire Transfers Only Bank of America
700 Louisiana
Houston, TX 77002
ABN Routing #026009593
For the UH bank account number, contact the Office of Contracts and Grants.
W-9 Form for Payment

Governmental Representatives

U.S. Senators

Ted Cruz
John Cornyn

18th U.S. Congressional District, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee
13th State Senatorial District, Senator Borris L. Miles
147th State Legislative District, Representative Garnet F. Coleman
Harris County Precinct 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis
Houston City Council Precinct 1, District D Dwight Boykins

Primary Congressional District

The primary Congressional District for UH is TX-018.
The primary Congressional District for the Texas Medical Center is TX-007.