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New Faculty

The University of Houston is committed to advancing its status as a competitive Tier One research university. The UH Division of Research is the support system for the innovative work of our faculty, providing comprehensive resources and services for university research endeavors.

Find Funding and Develop Your Ideas

Current funding opportunities are announced weekly in the Inside Research newsletter, sent to all faculty every Wednesday.

Information on internal awards and other external funding opportunities is available here

Submit Proposals and Manage Your Awards

The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG)

- Identify funding opportunities which align with faculty research interests
- Assist faculty members with proposal preparation
- Create and route transmittals for institutional approvals
- Review and submit proposals
- Coordinate the transfer of incoming faculty awards to UH

Post-Award & Research Financial Services
- Review award agreements and accept awards
- Establish project cost centers for spending
- Establish sub-awards agreements, and monitor sub-recipients
- Track the submission of technical reports
- Serve as liaisons with sponsors for non-financial award management matters
- Review grant expenditures, prepare and submit invoices, coordinate federal draw
- Prepare and submit final financial and non-financial close out reports to agencies
- Coordinate external financial audits
- Award close out
- Oversee the UH Effort Reporting certification process

Contract Negotiation and Execution:
- Confidentiality and/or Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
- Data Use and Software License Agreement
- Equipment Use Agreement
- Material Transfer Agreement
- Other types of collaboration Agreements

UH has largely de-centralized the Pre-Award office. Much of the proposal development and submission occurs at the college/department level by local pre-award staff. The OCG Pre-Award Administrators are also available to assist. 

Understand Regulations Applicable to Your Research

The Office of Research Integrity and Oversight (RIO):
-Ensures compliance with federal regulations involving work with human and animal subjects, research-related conflicts of interest, and all aspects of responsible conduct of research (RCR)
-Conducts congruency reviews (verification of IRB, IACUC, COI, safety approvals) prior to award setup

Animal Care Operations (ACO):
-Provides professional veterinary and husbandry services to support animals used in biomedical and behavioral research
-Maintains standards for animals, facilities, equipment and procedures
-Offers services to faculty for animal procurement, training, veterinary consultation in research design, transportation of animals and veterinary care

Protect Your Intellectual Property Or Launch a Startup and Commercialize Your Technology

The Office of Technology Transfer and Innovation (OTTI):
-Manages patents and copyrights, and provides early stage feedback on technologies
-Works with faculty and the Intellectual Property Committee to file patents for inventions
-Markets University-wide technology and manages the licensing process
-Helps entrepreneurial faculty and students launch promising startups
-Manages the innovation spaces at the Technology Bridge
-Facilitate the generation of IP and provide effective stewardship of the UH IP portfolio
- Evaluate and market IP and execute licenses
-Promote collaborations with industry partners and startups to scale up and commercialize technology