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Guidelines on the Use of Funds Internally Issued by DOR

This document does not pertain in any way to externally sponsored projects. This communication is to clarify and/or reinforce the guidelines already in place. Neither the Division of Research's (DOR) Office of Contracts and Grants nor the DOR Business Operations Team need to sign payroll reallocations, journal reallocations, or other expenditure documents associated to internal funding (including faculty startup, cost sharing, equipment, renovation, or internal awards) provided by DOR and transferred to one of the fund codes below.

It is DOR’s position that all funding provided should be used for the purpose for which the funding was approved and within the time period for which the funding was provided (authorized by DOR and noted in the offer letter or other written documentation and extended only by written approval), regardless of the flexibility of the funding source provided. We will be increasing monitoring activity to ensure compliance. E.g., if funding was provided for equipment, it should not be used for salary. See below for specific restrictions on each fund type that we may use to fulfill commitments.

It is at the sole discretion of DOR to determine the funding type provided based on availability of funds and current and upcoming commitment needs. Because funding should be used only as approved, our selection should not hinder any business operations.

Restrictions by fund code:



Restrictions or Guidance
(in addition to MAPP and SAM policies)


HEAF Higher Education Assistance Fund

DOR Heaf Guide webpage.

1099 RDF Research Development Fund No construction or renovations; Texas Education Code Sec. 62.097 to “promote increased research capacity at the institution;” funds expire and are returned to the state at the end of the biennium unless encumbered using an official purchase order issued by Purchasing.
5999 TRIP Texas Research Incentive Fund Texas Education Code Sec. 62.122, “for the enhancement of research productivity and faculty recruitment.”
1121 NRUF National Research University Fund No construction or renovations. Texas Education Code Sec 62.149, “for the support and maintenance of educational and general activities that promote increased research capacity at the institution.” ” (1) providing faculty support and paying faculty salaries;(2) purchasing equipment or library materials;(3) paying graduate stipends; and (4) supporting research performed at the institution, including undergraduate research.”
2072 IDC Indirect Cost

May not be used as noted in the Account List (XLS) through the Administration & Finance website.

2086 IP
Property Royalties
No additional restrictions.

Regardless of these flexibilities, the funds should be used as approved by DOR only.