RevoChem Founder Speaks at Startup Pains

On August 30th, Faye Liu, founder and CEO of RevoChem LLC gave a presentation to a group of about 30 attendees at the Technology Bridge’s monthly Startup Pains event.

Liu spoke about her experience in launching the successful company, particularly touching on her efforts to raise funds during its infancy.

“Venture capital money is probably the most expensive money if your company becomes successful. There are various loans that you may be qualified for, from business loans to contract loans. Money will find you if you have a successful company,” explained Liu.

RevoChem LLC is based out of UH’s Technology Bridge. The blossoming startup analyzes geochemical fingerprints in oil and rock formations. “We data-mine the unique geochemical fingerprints to provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective reservoir diagnostics and monitoring services,” said Liu.

Unique chemical and isotopic patterns in oil, gas, and water allow oil and gas producers to perform accurate monitoring of subsurface fluid flow. These unique patterns are the geochemical fingerprints that RevoChem analyzes.