The Current Impact of the Government Shutdown on UH

The impact of the government shutdown has been minimal on UH research, as allocated funds are currently being spent. However, as the shutdown continues, new grants of affected agencies will not be awarded, extensions will not be granted and proposal reviews will be delayed. This will ultimately delay funding UH expects to receive and slow down research expenditures. 

Because new grants cannot start, extensions are delayed and proposals are not being reviewed, the impact will be felt by those funded on grants and contracts from affected agencies, such graduate students, postdocs and research personnel. Junior faculty close to a tenure decision or associate professors waiting for promotion are also at risk, as they may be waiting on another award. 

Any grants or contracts that are supervised by a federal employee or where approval from a federal employee is required to proceed to the next milestone will also be impacted. 

Technical reports on any awards need to be submitted as they become due.

The Division of Research will issue further guidance as the shutdown continues and additional information becomes available.

Questions or concerns? Contact Claudia Neuhauser, associate vice president for research and technology transfer.