Goodbye RAMP. Hello PeopleSoft.

Dear Principal Investigators,

On Monday March 13, proposal transmittal creation and routing will be moved from RAMP to the PeopleSoft enterprise system.

This change is part of the University’s implementation of the PeopleSoft Grants suite that will integrate functions currently handled in RAMP, RD2K and PeopleSoft Finance.

To access the new system, go to AccessUH and select MY Dash Board portal.

Once in the dashboard, transmittals can be accessed by clicking on the links on the top left hand under PI work center. You will also be able to assign a delegate to approve your transmittal by going to the system profile at the bottom left.

The actual transmittal preparation and routing process has not changed except for the few minor updates listed below:

  • On the investigators tab, credit splits can now be assigned for two purposes:
    1. To determine the F&A (aka IDC) distribution of IDC return to the generating units
    2. To determine the intellectual split, which is an indication of the effort contributed by each PI towards the work and design of the project 
  • On the Sponsor tab, additional information about the sponsor is required; your research administrator will complete these fields
  • There is a new “Research Location” tab, on which you will select the building(s) the project where the project work will take place. This is a new requirement that enables the university to track sponsored project in bonded buildings for tax (IRS) purposes.
  • On the research classification tab, the research field selection is cascaded; based on your initial “Field” selection, you MUST chose a related discipline and from that discipline you MUST chose a related specific Area.

Transmittals currently routing in the RAMP system will NOT be moved to the new PeopleSoft PI portal. Instead, they will continue to the approval process in RAMP and will be converted into the new PeopleSoft Grants management module once fully approved.

Your Pre-Award RAs have been trained and fully engaged in this implementation and will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. For general questions and concerns please email us at