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global imageUH Global promotes and enhances the UH brand, reputation, and community worldwide through scholarly research, experiential learning, global engagement, and strategic partnerships with the intention of creating cross-culturally diverse, successful students focused on international social, legal, economic, political, and technological issues.



The International branch of UH Global welcomes students and visiting scholars from around the world to study and work at the University of Houston.

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Learning Abroad

Learning Abroad facilitates travel across the globe through a number of international learning opportunities, including faculty-led programs, traditional study abroad programs, research opportunities, internships, volunteer opportunities, non-credit experiential learning programs, service learning programs, and exchange programs.

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Global Initiatives

The Global Initiatives office facilitates collaborations around the world through strategic partnerships, scholarships, and grants.

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Global Citizens Credential 


The Global Citizens Credential (GCC) allows UH students enhance their undergraduate degrees with core global competencies and distinguish themselves as global citizens. UH students who participate in the GCC will gain global knowledge and skills and upon completion, can demonstrate this expertise through a certificate. The GCC helps students stand-out when applying to jobs, graduate school, and competitive international scholarships. It also encourages students to increase their level of global engagement on the UH campus and within their local community and beyond.

UH students who graduate with the GCC will receive a transcript notation, a signed certificate, and an honor cord to wear at graduation. 

Students interested in completing the GCC should click the button below to register: 


The GCC is open to any UH undergraduate student in good academic standing with a cGPA of 2.00 or above.

In order to receive the GCC, the student must earn a minimum of 10 points and attend a Capstone Symposium before graduation. Students can earn points through participation in any of these categories: Global Courses, Learning Abroad, Language Proficiency, Global Scholarly Work, and/or Intercultural Activities. More information about how points are awarded can be found below under ‘Earning Points Towards the GCC’.

Steps to Complete:

  1. Register and Join GCC list Serve: Students should register online and sign up for the GCC list serve (located at the bottom of the page) to receive important updates. 
  2. Make a Plan and Ask for Help: It is recommended to make a plan for reaching 10 points. Students can email us questions or reach out to schedule an advising appointment for advice on how to complete the GCC before graduation:
  3. Complete a Verification of Completion Form: After earning 10 points, students should submit a Verification of Completion form on our website to register points, as well as submit any documentation as needed. The documentation form listed below should be used for proof of attendance to any global scholarly work event or intercultural activity. Students need to submit a VOC form at least two months before graduation.
  4. Attend a Capstone Symposium: Once confirmed with 10 points and during senior year, the student should register for a Capstone online. The last Capstone is scheduled about a month before graduation. 
  5. Receive your Certificate and Honor Cord: Students who complete all points and attend a Capstone before graduation will be invited to attend a GCC certificate ceremony where they will receive a GCC certificate and honor cord or if unable to attend, schedule a time to come by the UH Global office to pick them up.

Students can earn 10 points from any of the five categories below. It is not required to earn points in every category, but there is a limit to the total number of points that can be earned for each category. Students may only earn up to 2 OR 4 points for global courses, learning abroad, and language proficiency based on the outlined descriptions below and students may only earn up to 1 OR 2 points for global scholarly work and intercultural activities based on the outlined descriptions below. 

GCC Points Summary and Planning Guide

Global Courses  (4 or 2 points) Students can be awarded for either an approved global major or minor at 4 points or by taking a global course for 1 point each up to 2 points.

  • 4 points – Successful completion of UH approved global major/minor.
  • 2 points - Successful completion (C or higher) of two upper-level global courses from the approved list of global courses. The course list is not exhaustive and students can submit a syllabus to UH Global to determine whether a course can be approved.
Learning Abroad  (4 or 2 points) Students can be awarded points for a UH academic program overseas (e.g. faculty-led, reciprocal exchange, or affiliated program) or with a documented professional activity abroad (e.g. internship, research, service learning, or volunteer project). Points are given based on the length of the program. For more information about learning abroad programs and scholarships, please visit the Office of Learning Abroad
  • 4 points – For an academic or professional learning experience abroad over one week in length
  • 2 points – For an academic or professional learning experience abroad of one week (7 days) or less
Language Proficiency  (4 or 2 points) Students can be awarded points for either having a foreign language major or minor at 4 points or by taking an upper division foreign language course for 1 point each up to 2 points. Students may also earn 2 points if they are able to submit written documentation that they are already proficient in another language. 
  • 4 points – Successful completion of any foreign language major/minor.
  • 2 points – Successful completion of two sophomore-level (intermediate) classes with at least a “B” or two junior-level (advanced) classes with at least a “C” foreign language courses taken either at UH or as part of a language immersion program where UH credit is awarded
    • List of Approved Courses
    • Or if a student already speaks a language other than English, the student can earn 2 points through either placement exam or with UH faculty documentation. For more information about language placement exams, visit the Testing Services website.
Global Scholarly Work  (1 or 2 points) Students can fulfill the requirements for this category either locally, throughout the U.S., or abroad. Written documentation is required, such as an email verification by the event organizer or supervising professor/staff member or by using our documentation form below. 
  • 2 points – Participating in undergraduate research on any subject with a global focus for a minimum of four weeks or by authoring or co-authoring a scholarly work with international collaborators such as foreign embassies, multinational enterprises, non-governmental organizations, or research and development institutes. For more info about research opportunities, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Research
  • 1 point – Attendance or participation in two conference, seminar, symposia, or workshop that involves a global, multicultural, or international dimension. Some options are included below: 
Intercultural Activities  (1 or 2 points) Students can fulfill the requirements for this category either locally, throughout the U.S., or abroad. Written documentation is required, such as an email verification by the event organizer or supervising professor/staff member or by using our documentation form below. 
  • 2 points – Taking a leadership role in an ethnic/multicultural or global focused student organization or event on or off campus. For more information about on campus student organizations, please visit Get Involved. Students may also earn 2 points by interning or volunteering with any office that has a global focus (such as a NGO, consulate, multinational corporation, etc.) or with any community organization that serves international populations (such as a community center, refugee services, etc.)
  • 1 point – Active participation in at least two multicultural, global, or international events. Some options are included below: 

After completing 10 points, students must complete a 'Verification of Completion' form by clicking the button below to submit information and documentation to register points. UH Global will verify the total points and follow up if additional information or documentation is needed.

Students must submit this form at least two months before their expected graduation date to ensure there is sufficient time to complete a Capstone and process the transcript and certificate before graduation. 

Verification of Completion

The Capstone is a three hour session where GCC students share their global experiences, explore global issues and theories, discuss the effects of globalization, and reflect upon what it means to be a 'global citizen'. Students are eligible to register for a Capstone during senior year and after successfully registering 10 points with UH Global. The Capstone Symposium is the final step in completing the GCC and must be completed before graduation.

UH Global offers a few Capstone Symposium options every semester but the last Capstone is typically scheduled about a month before the end of the semester to ensure there is sufficient time to process transcripts and certificates before graduation. 

Students can register for a Capstone Symposium by clicking the button below:

Sign up for a Capstone Symposium

All Capstones will be held in the UH Global office in Ezekiel W. Cullen Building, Suite 101 unless noted otherwise. 

GCC graduates receive:

  • Global Citizens Credential Transcript Notation
  • Signed Certificate
  • Honor Cord for Graduation 

Note: Students who complete the GCC will have a $25 'Graduation Application Fee' placed on their account by the Registrar after graduation. These charges cover the processing of the transcript and certificate. 

For More Information

For questions, please contact us at

Students are also welcome to schedule an advising appointment to receive advice on how to complete the GCC before graduation.

Advising appointments can be scheduled via the Navigate App, which can be downloaded in the Apple Store or on Google Play by searching 'Navigate Student'. Students will then login with their CougarNet ID and password and then choose the following options: Support Services, UH Global, Global Citizens Credential. Navigate can also be acessed online here: or within AccessUH.


Sign Up for the Listserv!

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Process for Establishing International Affiliations

Any formal collaboration such as a Memorandum of Understanding, an Articulation Agreement, or a Contract between UH and a foreign institution requires the endorsement of UH Global, the Office of the Provost and, if necessary, the Office of the General Counsel before it can be implemented. The Process for Establishing International Affiliations assists UH faculty and administrators through the required steps in establishing formal collaborations.

Global Faculty Development Fund

The Global Faculty Development Fund (GFDF) was established to further faculty involvement in the globalization process of the university. This Provost initiative will increase both the assortment and quality of UH’s global programs by helping faculty to defray the costs of engaging in innovative global activities.

Germany Today 2018: Getting to know Germany’s Universities of Applied Sciences

German Academic Exchange Service’s “DAAD” information tour “Germany Today” is designed to give participants a broader overview of Germany’s higher education landscape. During this tour, June 17 – June 23, 2018, a special focus will be on German Universities of Applied Sciences. Interested faculty members should contact Jaime Ortiz at to participate.

Erasmus+ Faculty Mobility Grant

Swansea University is offering Erasmus+ faculty mobility grants for faculty from Texas Strategic Partnership universities to undertake short teaching visits to Swansea University.

UH Global Advisory Committee

Phone Number
Email Address
Department / Role 
Dietmar Froehlich  Architecture  713-298-4977 Co-Director Graduate Studies and Assoc. Professor of Architecture
Jeffrey Sposato Arts 713-743-5697 Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Musicology
Marina Sebastijanovic Business 713-743-4650 Clinical Assistant Professor of Management 
Yali Zou Education  713-743-4982 Professor of Educational Psychology and Director Asian Studies Center 
Suresh Khator Engineering  713-743-4205 Professor of Industrial Engineering and Associate Dean
KiJoon Back Hotel and Restaurant Management  713-743-2530
Zale Kellen Law  713-743-0325 Associate Professor
Hildegard Glass Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 713-743-3049 Chair Department of Modern and Classical Languages 
Anne Delcour Natural Sciences and Mathematics 713-743-2684 Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
Terry Kirk Nursing 832-842-8209 Clinical Associate Professor
Vivien Coulson-Thomas Optometry  713-743-2042 Assistant Professor
MariVi Tejada-Simon  Pharmacy  713-743-7835 Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Patrick Leung Social Work  713-743-8111 Professor Social Work and Director for the Graduate College of Social Work 
Heidar Malki Technology  713-743-4075 Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Maria Modelska Engineering
(Staff Council Representative)
713-743-3677 Associate Director, Research Center Administrator
Christian Eberhart Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 713-743-3677 Chair of Religious Studies
Hannah Ajrami Student Government Representative 832-842-6225
Student Government Association


What is Global Strategies and Studies?

Global Strategies and Studies – commonly referred to as GSS is the centralized global leadership team at the University of Houston. GSS facilitates resources and assistance for all global operations at the university, and functions as a clearing house for all formal university international business. International Student and Scholar Services, Learning Abroad and Global Initiatives reside under GSS.

What does International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) do?

ISSS facilitates all aspects of accepted incoming international students, faculty and dependents coming to the university. This includes providing visa and support services related to a student’s non-immigrant status while attending the university. More information on International Student and Scholar Services.

What does Learning Abroad (LA) do?

LA facilitates all aspects of preparing and processing student undertaking an overseas learning program, including reciprocal exchange with partnership institutions. More information on Learning Abroad.

What does Global Initiatives (GI) do?

GI provides support services to university faculty and staff by furthering strategic engagement with the international community through outreach both locally and overseas with the Houston area consulate general offices, international centers, organizations, schools and clubs, and business and university partnerships, among others. It is prmilarily involved with the operational activities such as international recruitment, program management and marketing operations, and global opportunities assessment associated with raising the global profile of the university. More information on Global Initiatives

What is a Memorandum of Understanding?

Commonly referred to as an MOU, a Memorandum of Understanding is the formal agreement between UH and another entity, typically with a foreign institution of higher education, that allows the two parties to enter into a protective state for the sharing of ideas, research, faculty and staff exchanges, and allow for free discussion on the development of specific programs. This is typically facilitated at the college level and approved at the provost level.

What is a Memorandum of Agreement?

Commonly referred to as an MOA, a Memorandum of Agreement is the formal and legal articulation of specific programs, research or directives that are the result or extension of an MOU with the same entity. An MOA is typically facilitated by GSS and approved by  UH Legal Affairs. Some other variations are defined as Articulation Agreements (AA) or Addendum to a Memorandum of Understanding, which are also used for the legal articulation of specific programs, research or directives, among others. 

What is the process for establishing an international institutional partnership?

Instructions on establishing an international institutional partnership.

For any additional questions not answered here, please contact Global Strategies and Studies at