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Information for Instructors


An LMS Review Committee was formed and convened in January 2022. The committee was charged with reviewing LMS options and then making a recommendation to UH administration. Based on factors such as features, usability, third party integrations and accessibility, Canvas by Instructure was recommended as the best online learning platform for UH.

Spring 2023: Soft Launch with limited number of courses; Blackboard (Bb) will continue to be used for most courses.

Summer 2023: All summer sessions in Canvas; limited, if any courses in Bb

Current practices for Bb courses will remain in place until the end of August 2023. Students can see current semester courses; faculty will continue to see both current courses and previous courses back to spring 2020.

All courses are backed up every semester and older courses (prior to spring 2020) are archived. Meaning that several years of courses are available for use in Canvas.

Yes. Using the CRS will be similar to how it is used now with changes to accommodate interfacing with Canvas. Detailed instructions will be provided.

Most users will continue to use Bb for Spring 2023 sessions. Only a select group of courses will be in Canvas Spring 2023. All users will be in Canvas starting summer 2023.

Yes. Training will be provided by Canvas and the FDIS team (see Getting Started with Canvas on the FDIS calendar). Canvas tutorials can be found here: UH Canvas Tutorials and Online Canvas Guide.

With both systems running concurrently during the Spring 2023 semester, the current inventory of integrations will remain available in Bb with a limited selection available in Canvas. Some vendors do not allow their integrations to function in two systems at the same time for the same institution.

Courses for Spring Soft Launch participants will be created in the current Canvas sandbox after the initial technical implementation phase. Soft Launch participants will be notified when the sandbox course is ready.

Early January TBD, faculty can request developmental shells for summer/fall courses. Method to be announced.

Additional Questions

If you have any more questions please email or You can also contact your college's instructional designer or visit