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There are 3 assignment submission “dropboxes” to work with, and we have provided a brief description of each to help you decide which is best for you.

Turnitin — allows for many file types to be submitted and graded online. In addition, you can set the “similarity report” setting which will compare the student’s submission for originality against paper repositories, databases, online works, etc. When used within the Canvas environment, grades will transfer automatically to the Canvas gradebook, and students can review comments/feedback within Canvas.

Canvas Assignments — is a basic dropbox for student submissions, and you have the ability to mark-up, comment, etc, and you can enter the grade either directly or through use of grading rubric and it will transfer to the Gradebook.

TEAMS Assignment tool — another basic dropbox which resides outside of the Canvas environment. You will have to set up Microsoft TEAMS Class and fill out the Assignment set up wizard. Grading online (direct or through grading rubric) and grade transfer to the Microsoft grade book is possible. Please note that you will not be able to make an assignment in TEAMS classes larger than 200 people and each submission has a limit of 50MB

Test, quizzes, exams—We highly recommend that you learn more about Respondus 4.0 so that you can make the most of "Quizzes" in Canvas. Use weekly quizzes for recall and lower-level demonstration of understanding. We recommend this for readings, check for understanding of a lecture, etc. Exams should have questions that reflect more critical thinking or application.To control for cheating, you should be making use of the increased test pools where you can pull a smaller set of questions from a "pool" of questions. Each student will see a different set of question through random selection. The more questions you can put in the pool, the better integrity you are providing for the exam.

Respondus Monitor (webcam and microphone) can be used with Respondus Lockdown. Monitor will record the student as they take the exam. During an emergency period, instructors should show flexibility and compassion since students may be dealing with Internet issues and equipment availability.