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Collaboratories are synergistic, research-generating entities where participants work together and draw from knowledge (e.g., theories, concepts, data) and wisdom (learnings) from multiple sectors of society. The collaboratory space is designed for participants to actively learn from each other to and co-create sustainable solutions to persistent or “wicked” problems. Action research is utilized to eliminate health disparities and improve quality of life for all. Currently, there are four collaboratories.

Faith, Justice, and Health Collaboratory

The Faith, Justice, and Health Collaboratory assembles groups of faith leaders, community advocates, and scientists in a virtual forum to examine, demonstrate, and disseminate intervention approaches that integrate religiosity, spirituality, and health justice.

Men's Health Collaboratory

The Men’s Health Collaboratory includes academic and citizen scientists who seek to conduct rigorous research to understand the full range of factors influencing health among men from groups who are underrepresented as participants in health science studies.

Research Training and Mentoring Collaboratory

The Research Training and Mentoring Collaboratory includes scientists from multiple disciplines who are committed to attract, educate, train, and mentor a cadre of early and mid-career faculty from underrepresented backgrounds to vigorously pursue careers in population, clinical, behavioral, and social sciences.

Translational Collaboratory