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Active Shooter

Police Intervention

  • UHPD’s overriding objective is to quickly locate the assailant and stop the killing by all means necessary.  To obtain this goal, the first responding officers will bypass the wounded.  More officers will arrive to attend to the injured once the assailant has been neutralized.

  • When encountering law enforcement personnel; do exactly what you are told to do.  Leave your personal belongings behind and carry nothing in your hands.  Keep your hands visible to the officers at all times.  Do not make any sudden movements or gestures.

  • If you have real-time, pertinent information about the incident or more specifically the assailant then verbalize it to the responding officers. Officers may ask additional questions.

  • You will be directed to a safe area away from the critical incident where follow-up medical care and counseling will be initiated.

  • Follow-up interviews and a complete investigation will be conducted.