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UHPD Weapon Secure Storage Process

University of Houston MAPP 07.01.05 calls for the establishment of secure storage areas to be maintained at the campus police station and at other locations that may be established by the University. Currently, the police station is the sole secure storage area. The address of the police station is 4051 Wheeler, Houston TX 77204-6191. The entrance to the visitor parking area is off of Cougar Place Drive.

Storing a weapon at the Secure Storage Area

  • Please enter the police station through the lobby on the south side of the building.
  • There will be a phone on the wall where you can speak with our police telecommunicators. Let them know you need to check in a weapon. An officer will meet you in the lobby and will verify your License to Carry.
  • The officer will bring a biometric storage safe to the designated Exchange Room. The officer will assist you in programming your fingerprint into the digital biometric safe.
  • The officer will give instructions regarding how to safely place a holstered weapon in the safe. You will place the holstered weapon in the safe and activate the locking mechanism using a your fingerprint.
  • You will be given a card identifying the safe number and instructions on retrieving the weapon. The officer will get your contact information in case there is a need to reach out to you.
  • The entire transaction should take no longer than five minutes.

Retrieving a weapon from the Secure Storage Area

  • Upon returning to the police station, you will presents the card identifying the safe and your License to Carry.
  • The safe will be retrieved by a police officer and placed in the designated transaction room. You will enter the transaction room with instructions not to handle the safe until instructed. The officer will give instructions on the retrieval of the weapon from the safe.
  • This transaction should take no longer than five minutes.