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Current UH students have a wealth of resources available to be successful in the classroom. Online and Special Programs has provided some additional tips and resources specifically for our online students. Questions? Email us at


Establish a specific time and space for studying. Focusing on your work for an hour is more effective than studying for several hours with interruptions. Inform your friends and family about your scheduled study time so they won't disrupt you. Studying in a familiar place can help you make better progress as you are more comfortable and less distracted.

Focus on the goals or objectives of the lesson as you study. The objectives provide a guide to what is coming up in the lesson and what you should focus on. They correspond to the main points in the lesson and are often covered in the assignments or on the exams.


Don't fall behind on readings or assignments. Many courses have deadlines very early in the semester, so it is important that you log into your online course by the beginning date of the course. After the beginning of the course, you should login often to keep up with course announcements and assignments.


Ask for help when you need it. If you have a question or comment, email or post a message within your course to your instructor and/or classmates. Use the technology that is available to you. Performing a search on the Internet or consulting Help features or UH Blackboard Support may help you resolve some of your questions.