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Search for course syllabi through our different search options. Students can view a course syllabus to gain a better understanding of the course requirements, particularly if there are any face to face or proctored exam requirements. Access to faculty email addresses are also available for questions about the course.

Looking for information about what to do in case of an emergency campus closure and disruption of classes? Visit our webpage on Remote Learning.

Non-UH Student Syllabi Search

Anyone can search for an undergraduate course syllabus from this link by entering the information you are seeking. If you're unsure of the course information, you can search courses in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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Student Syllabi Search

Current UH students can log into their Access UH account and search for syllabi. In the Student Center students can search for courses. The syllabus is listed with the course schedule.

Student Syllabi Search >

Math Course Syllabi Search

Anyone can search for an undergraduate math course syllabus from this link. Visit each Instructional Faculty's personal website for more information on their course syllabus.

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