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Degree Programs

At the undergraduate level, the UH Math Department offers B.S. and B.A. degrees in Mathematics. There are two additional options:

  1. Within the B.S. degree there is also an Option in Mathematical Finance that can be obtained through additional coursework.
  2. Within each of the B.S. and B.A. degrees, it is possible to also get a High School Teaching Certification by participating in teachHOUSTON and taking additional courses.

Furthermore, there is a B.S. degree in Mathematical Biology that is jointly administered by the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Biology & Biochemistry.

All possible combinations of undergraduate Mathematics degrees and degree options are listed here: 

Please see below for the corresponding UHin4 Academic Maps and Course Sequences (Please contact your Academic Advisor for accurate/current information):

  1. B.A. in Mathematics - (UHin4 Academic Map) (NSM Checklist)
  2. B.A. in Mathematics (teachHouston) - (teachHouston Course Sequence) (NSM Checklist)
  3. B.S. in Mathematics - (UHin4 Academic Map) (NSM Checklist)
  4. B.S. in Mathematics w/Option in Mathematical Finance - (UHin4 Academic Map) (NSM Checklist)
  5. B.S. in Mathematics (teachHouston) - (teachHouston Course Sequence) (NSM Checklist)
  6. B.S. in Mathematical Biology - (UHin4 Academic Map) (NSM Checklist)
  7. B.S. in Mathematics - Data Science Option - (UHin4 Academic Map) (NSM Checklist)

Please keep in mind that it is the student's responsibility to be aware of all courses required for the chosen degree. It is encouraged for students to speak to the Major Advisor at least once a year or more to ensure that the correct courses are taken. Also, students are responsible for knowing which catalog year they are in. This can be confirmed by speaking to the appropriate UAC Advisor.


Prospective UH students may also want to visit the UH Office of Admissions to view current information on Admission Requirements, Applications, Scholarships, and Financial Aid.


[Updated on 09/01/23]