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Mathematical Biology

Members of Mathematical Biology Research Group


AZENCOTT, ROBERT - Ph.D., University Paris 1, 1970

Research Interests: Computational anatomy and Diffeomorphic matching of soft organs, Patient specific dynamic modeling of Mitral valves, Sparse modeling of genes interactions, MicroRNAs impact on cancer survival, Cancer stage  identification by Proteomic signatures, Stochastic models of Bacterial genetic evolution, Biochemical kinetics and delayed SDEs.


ČANIĆ, SUNČICA   -   Cullen Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., SUNY at Stony Brook, 1992

Research Interests: Mathematical Hemodynamics, Optimal Design of Cardiovascular Devices such as Stents, Fluid and Structure Dynamics including Fluid-Structure Interaction in Biological Fluids, Agent-based Modeling of Infectious Diseases.


FU, WENJIANG   -   Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1998

Research Interests: My Research mainly focuses on statistical modeling of complex data, including association studies of biological phenomena / medical conditions with a large number of risk factors (such as highly correlated environmental factors and high dimensional genome data), developing fast and efficient algorithms for variable (risk factor) selection and theoretical justification using statistical regularization techniques (e.g. Lasso or L1 penalty) and large sample theory to ensure valid inference is made. The complex data include, but not limited to, economic and marketing data, chronic disease and human genome data, patient safety data and social behavior data.


GORB, YULIYA   -   Ph.D.,The Pennsylvania State University, 2006

Research Interests: Asymptotic analysis for PDEs, multiscale modeling and simulations, homogenization theory for composite materials.


HOPPE, RONALD   -   Ph.D., University of Technology Berlin, 1979

Research Interests: My research group is concerned with the mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, as well as the optimal control of biological micro-electro-mechanical systems (BioMEMs) such as microfluidic biochips that are used for hybridization in genomics, protein profiling in proteomics, and cell analysis in cytometry.


JOSIĆ, KREŠIMIR   -   Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1999

Research Interests: I work closely with biologists to provide a mechanistic understanding of the dynamical patterns observed in neuronal and synthetic gene networks. As PI and co-PI on a number of NSF and NIH funded grants, I have developed a range of theoretical and computational methods to understand collective behavior in neuronal networks and its impact on computation. I have also worked on different aspects of modeling gene regulatory networks, focusing on the impact of signaling delay.


KILPATRICK, ZACHARY   -   Ph.D., University of Utah, 2010

Research Interests: My research group develops techniques to analyze the nonlinear dynamics of biological network models. Our primary focus is neural field models, nonlinear integrodifferential equations whose integral term describes the connectivity of a neuronal network. We also study low dimensional approximations of these systems to understand the impact of noise. Analyzing these models has given us insight into how the brain performs various sensory and memory tasks.


LABATE, DEMETRIO   -   Ph.D., Georgia Institute of technology, 2000

Research Interests: The research activities of my group in Neuroscience Imaging focus on the analysis of microscopy image-stacks of neuronal cultures and brain tissue. These activities include morphometric analysis, detection and labeling of subcellular compartments, image segmentation and tracing of tubular structures. The other faculty members of this group are Prof. M. Papadakis (UH) and Dr. F. Laezza, M.D., (UTMB).


OLSHANSKII, MAXIM   -   Ph.D., Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1996.

Research Interests: I am interested in multiscale and finite element methods in cardiovascular simulations.


PAN, TSORNG-WHAY   -   Ph.D., Minnesota, 1990

Research Interests: The dynamics of red blood cells in fluid flow.


PAPADAKIS, MANOS   -   Ph.D., University of Athens, Greece, 1993

Research Interests: My research interests are on the broad area of harmonic analysis, both pure and applied, in Functional Analysis and in machine learning methods for image analysis applications. Jointly with my collaborators we developed novel efficient methods for the analysis of fluorescent microscopy images for the segmentation of dendrites, axons and somas both in 2-D and in the 3-D and more recently of spines. We work on developing methods for the automated longitudinal tracking of spines and comparison of spine populations in neurons of live animals and in the detection and quantification of morphological features of interest for phenotypic profiling using high resolution fluorescent images of live brain tissue. The other faculty members of our group are Prof. D. Labate (UH-Math) and Dr. F. Laezza, M.D., (UTMB). Our group also collaborates with I.A. Kakadiaris (UH-Comp. Sc.) and Tara Keck (King's College, London).


PETERS, CHARLES   -   Undergraduate  Mathematical Biology Program Director
Ph.D., Texas A&M, 1973.

Research Interests: Biostatistics, Mathematical Statistics.


QUAINI, ANNALISA   -   Ph.D., Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, December 2008.

Research Interests: Mathematical and numerical models for the cardiovascular system. Numerical method development and analysis for solving partial dierential equations, typically applied to blood flow and fluid-structure interaction problems.


TIMOFEYEV, ILYA   -   Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1998

Research Interests: Genetic evolution of large bacterial populations with particular emphasis on radical shifts in genetic composition and understanding rare events. Population dynamics with applications to pedestrian modeling and ecology.


TÖRÖK, ANDREW   -  PhD., Pennsylvania State University, 1995

Research Interests: Modeling biological networks, systems with symmetry, stochastic modeling of bacterial genetic evolution.


- Negi, Pooran (advisor: Manos Papadakis)

- Singh, Pankaj (Manos Papadakis)

- Veliz-Cuba, Alan (advisor: Krešimir Josić)


Graduate Students:

- Kayasandik, Cihan (advisor: Manos Papadakis)

- Karantzas, Nikolaos (advisor: Manos Papadakis)

- Liu, Changan (advisor: Krešimir Josić)

- Ozcan, Burcin (advisor: Manos Papadakis)

- Radillo, Adrian (advisor: Krešimir Josić)

- Shobeiri, Homayoon (advisor: Krešimir Josić)

- Stolarczyk, Simon  (advisor: Krešimir Josić)