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Canvas & CCS

Canvas will be the exclusive Learning Management System (LMS) for the UH main campus starting from the 2023 Summer Sessions and thereafter.

All math courses will be on Canvas (and CCS) for the Summer semester and thereafter.

Important issues handled by CCS, bolted onto Canvas:

  • CASA test scheduling
  • Access codes
  • Quizzes from CourseWare
  • Opt-out
  • Textbooks, etc.

Key points:

  • CourseWare (LMS) has been transitioned to Canvas and CCS
  • Center for Academic Support and Assessment (CASA) will continue to offer tutoring for mathematics students and proctored testing for students in all subject areas.

To ensure a smooth transition, Dr. Blerina Xhabli will be conducting training sessions about how to use and navigate through Canvas and CCS.

Please see the schedule below (Dr. Xhabli will be available for individual assistance on May 10th) :

  • "Introduction to CANVAS" : Monday, May 8th @ 10:00am—11:30am, Conference Room 6th floor
  • "Introduction to CCS": Tuesday, May 9th @ 10:00am—11:30am, Conference Room 6th floor

The departmental handbook covering Canvas and CCS is complete and is very helpful, especially if an instructor has never used Blackboard before.

Click this link for a webpage fileor this link for sharepoint access, to obtain the completed handbook. It includes basic instructions on how to use Canvas as an instructor, and how to create proper settings/adjustments for integration with CCS. It is easy to use: you can click links from the Table of Contents to navigate to the corresponding, specific topic.

Currently, we have four mini summer sessions that start on May 15th: Canvas courses and their connection with CCS are already completed. Instructors will have enough time to set up Canvas and CCS before the mini session classes start. We encourage faculty to begin exploring Canvas on their own and to use the handbook as a guide. If any questions arise, please be sure to address them during the upcoming training sessions.

Advice for instructors teaching summer courses:

  • Submit requests for summer Canvas classes so that you can begin developing your content after the training
  • View the completed Departmental Handbook (when available) and attend the department-led training sessions.
  • View additional learning/training opportunities for Canvas via the Faculty and Departmental Instructional Support (FDIS) website
  • View the Canvas procedures page


  • Herbert Ward ( for technical issues with CCS
  • Dr. Blerina Xhabli ( departmental contact for Canvas-related questions
  • For technical issues with Canvas, please view the instructional designers (by college) contact information listed on this webpage.


Canvas News: