Department of Mathematics Meet and Greet and Pi Day Celebration

The Meet and Greet details:

When: Friday, 03/08/19 @ 1:00—4:00 p.m.

Where: 232 PGH 

What is the Meet and Greet?: This event is for all Undergraduate Math Majors, including Mathematical Biology, Math Graduate students, Departmental Faculty and Staff. The purpose of this social is to create a pleasant and comfortable environment among faculty and students.

This year the Meet and Greet will be held in conjunction with the Pi Day Celebration event, hosted by our UH SIAM and UH AMS organizations.

We have two speakers that will present at this event (1:00—2:00 p.m.). Some topics that may be discussed include: 

  • Which steps were taken to acquire their current positions?
  • What was their process like and what was involved in their preparation to find a position?
  • Which opportunities did they take advantage of that proved invaluable during the application process.
  • Perspectives on “life beyond the degree”.



(1:00—1:25 p.m.) Dr. Cesar Garza: "After earning my B.S. in Mechatronics Engineering, I entered the Masters in Mathematics program at UTEP with Dr. Luis Valdez-Sanchez as my advisor. We worked on hyperbolic knots and Dehn surgeries. In 2009, I entered the doctoral program at UT Austin under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Neitzke. I worked on the construction of hyperkahler metrics on certain Hitchin systems. For 2015-2017, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at IUPUI sponsored by Dr. Alexander Its, working on the Riemann-Hilbert problem and their applications in Geometry."


1:25—1:30 p.m. intermission


(1:30—1:55 p.m.) Dr. Juan Lopez: Received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Houston, with the topic of: Analysis of Axisymmetic Div-curl Systems on Domains with Nontrivial de Rham Cohomologies. He served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for four years in which he taught various undergraduate courses, as well as volunteering in CHAMP. Dr. Lopez is now employed as a Quantitative Risk Analyst I with USAA. His efforts are focused on model validation supporting the Financial Advice and Solutions Group (FASG).


(2:00—2:10 p.m.) We will be recognizing our Spring 2019 Benner ScholarshipGrover Scholarshipand Mathematics Undergraduate Scholarship, as well as our other NSM Scholarships undergraduate recipients.


(2:10—2:25 p.m.) Afterward we will have a PME Induction ceremony for new members!


2:25—2:35 p.m. intermission


(2:35—3:45 p.m.) Pi Day Celebration event. 


Thanks to everyone that attended and for making this another memorable event! A special thanks to: The Speakers, Ms. Bennie Anderson, Miss Melisa Lopez, Mr. Dylan Domel-White. Without their efforts and participation, this event wouldn't have been a complete success!




Cesar Garza

(Pictured: Dr. César Garza)




(Pictured: Participants)


Juan Lopez

(Pictured: Dr. Juan Lopez)



(Pictured: Participants)



1st and 2nd Place

(Pictured: 1st & 2nd Place)



(Pictured: PIES!!!)


Pi Day Jeopardy

(Pictured: Pi Day - Jeopardy)


Fall 2018 Meet and Greet