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Undergraduate Program Overview

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Houston offers an excellent environment to study mathematics and its applications. In terms of enrollment, we are the largest department on campus, with approximately 10,000 students taking math courses each semester. The department has around 300 undergraduate majors and 80 graduate students. Our diverse faculty is both research active and deeply committed to the teaching endeavor. Majors in our department have the opportunity to learn from faculty members who are not only experts in their field, but who are involved in making significant contributions to the advancement of mathematics through their research. Numerous seminars, colloquia, and frequent visitors contribute to the lively intellectual atmosphere of our department, and we have a multitude of extracurricular activities and opportunities for our undergraduate majors. In addition, students can pursue a variety of more specialized research areas within the context of the major in mathematics. The department offers special degree options in mathematical biology, financial mathematics, and teaching certification in mathematics, as well as excellent preparation for graduate school or professional programs.

Department research and teaching interests include applied mathematics, differential geometry, operator algebras and operator theory, partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations, dynamical systems, machine intelligence, scientific computation, numerical analysis, complex analysis, mathematical biology, computational fluid dynamics, and more.

The Department of Mathematics undergraduate brochure is available upon request.

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