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Leadership & Administrative Contacts

The email addresses are "Email ID@math.uh.edu" unless otherwise indicated.

Department Administration

Title Name Email ID* Phone Office Student Office Hours
 Department Chair  Dr. Jiwen He jiwenhe (713) 743-3481 641A PGH By appointment only
 Associate Chair  Dr. Bernhard Bodmann bgb
(713) 743-3581 604 PGH By appointment only
 Department Business Administrator  Ms. Brianna Johnson bkjohns4@Central.UH.EDU 
(832) 842-9074 651C PGH By appointment only
 Assistant Business Administrator  Ms. Linda Robinson lfrobins@central.uh.edu (713) 743-3771 645 PGH By appointment only


Academic Contacts

Title Name Email ID* Phone Office Student Office Hours

 Director for Graduate Studies

Dr. William Fitzgibbon Fitz
N/A 673 PGH By appointment only

 Graduate Advisor

 Ms. Neha Valji  navalji@central.uh.edu (713) 743-3517 691 PGH By appointment only

 "MAM" Program Scientific Faculty

 Dr. Garry Etgen etgen (713) 743-3510 695 PGH By appointment only

 "MSDS" Program Director and
  Faculty Advisor

 Dr. Wenjiang Fu fuw (713) 743-7279 684 PGH By appointment only

 "MSDS" Program Scientific Faculty

 Dr. Robert Azencott razencot (713) 743-3489 608 PGH By appointment only

 "MSDS" Program Manager

 Ms. Callista Brown cbrown10@central.uh.edu (713) 743-4644

11F Fleming

By appointment only

 "MSDS” Associate Program
  Director and Faculty Advisor

 Dr. Cathy Poliak cathy (713) 743-7644 11C Fleming By appointment only

  Director for Undergraduate

 Dr. David Blecher dblecher (713) 743-3451 651E PGH By appointment only

  Associate Director for
  Undergraduate Studies

 Dr. Nicholas Leger nleger (713) 743-6751 651B PGH By appointment only

  Assistant Department Chair for
  the Core Curriculum

 Dr. Melahat Almus almus (713) 743-6886 212 PGH By appointment only

  Director of Core Level Online
  Mathematics Instruction

 Dr. James West jdwest (713) 743-7704 204 PGH By appointment only

  Director for Instructional Support
  and Coordination

 Ms. Irina Perepelitsa irina (713) 743-7652 214 PGH By appointment only

  Instructional Designer,

 Ms. Jen Marsala jmarsala@central.uh.edu N/A N/A By appointment only

  Communications Manager

 Ms. Treina Tai McAlister ttmcalis@central.uh.edu (713) 743-3511 691 PGH By appointment only


IT Support

  User Services Spec 2   Mr. Dave Branda help@math.uh.edu (713) 743-3486 660 PGH
  Operating Sysems Programmer 3   Mr. Jason Tibbitts help@math.uh.edu (713) 743-3486 660 PGH


General Inquiries

  Front desk Inquiries   frontdesk@math.uh.edu   (713) 743-3500   660 PGH


Department Mailing Address
University of Houston 
Department of Mathematics
3551 Cullen Blvd.
Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall, 641
Houston, TX 77204-3008

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Telephone Voice: (713) 743-3500 , Fax: (713) 743-3505