Spring 2018 Mathematics Contest

The Spring 2018 Mathematics contest was a success! Thanks to all for participating in this event!

Each year the Department of Mathematics at the University of Houston hosts a Mathematics Contest in January or February on the University of Houston Central Campus.

The contest consists of 9 Individual Exams, The Smackdown Event and a Team Project. Trophies and scholarships are awarded to the top students from each individual exam as well as the top teams for the project exam. In addition, team trophies are awarded to schools based upon overall student performance on the individual and team competitions. 

To learn more about the contest, please visit: http://mathcontest.uh.edu/

A slideshow of the contest is below. Enjoy!

T-Shirt Toss!


To view the 2018 Contest results, please click this link.

To view the T-Shirt Design for this year, click this link.