Spring 2015 Courses-Session 6

Spring 2015 Courses - Session 6

(Time: from April 7, 2015 to May 11, 2015)
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The Department of Mathematics is offering the following courses during Spring Session 6:

- Math 1310- 9 (27435): College Algebra - Irina Perepelitsa  (irina@math.uh.edu) . Online*
This course fulfills Math Core.

- Math 1313- 11 (27436): Finite Math With Applications - Letty Reza  (letty@math.uh.edu) . Online*
This course is particularly good for Business majors, and fulfills Math Reasoning.

- Math 1314- 11 (27437): Calculus for Business Life Sciences - Beatrice Constante  (beatrice@math.uh.edu) .
Online*  This course fulfills Math Reasoning.

- Math 1330- 09 (27451): Precalculus - Dr. Melahat Almus  (almus@math.uh.edu) . Online*
This course fufills Math Reasoning, and is the prerequisite to Math 1431.

- Math 2311- 08 (27438): Intro. to Probability and Statistics - Shahinda Hafeez  (shafeez@math.uh.edu) .
Online*  This course fulfills Math Reasoning.

These courses are listed under the Spring 2015 schedule. You can search by section number, or simply
search for MATH courses offered during the Spring 2015, Session 6. *Online courses at UH are NOT
self paced. There is a graded attendance component. Talk to the instructor about the days the course
will meet online. The last day to enroll is 4/08/15.

See here for more deadlines:  http://catalog.uh.edu/content.php?catoid=8&navoid=1545

If you have questions about these courses, please contact the instructor, or Ms. Leigh Hollyer (dog@math.uh.edu), or Dr. Jiwen He (jiwen@math.uh.edu).