UH Math and STEM Outreach Program is Creating College-Bound "CHAMPS"

2015 CHAMP program

CHAMP is a Mathematics and STEM outreach program that brings high school students from underserved communities from the Third Ward and surrounding neighborhoods into direct contact with professors and students on the University of Houston campus for hands-on, weekly math lessons and activities. Volunteer effort for the lessons and tutoring is provided by teachHOUSTON, the UH Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and UH students majoring in science, math, or engineering.

CHAMP's main goals are to help students graduate from high school, attend college, and consider pursuing a STEM major -- science, technology, engineering or mathematics. The program is already producing positive results. The year before CHAMP started, only two out of 18 graduates from Hope Academy enrolled in college. Last year, 18 out of 20 graduates enrolled in college classes

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