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NSM-IT Mission Statement

NSM-IT's mission is to proactively build and operate next-generation technical infrastructures and solutions to improve the productivity and effectiveness of the NSM community, while transforming IT into an integral cornerstone to support, drive, and enhance NSM's world-class academic activities.

We employ ubiquitous, consistent, and fault-tolerant IT infrastructures to usher in the requisite and easy-to-use platform at various layers to guarantee business continuity, research work, and teaching operations. In addition to legacy IT tasks and heterogeneous hardware/software maintenance, we also offer a multitude of value-added services and support.

Our core team employs experts in various highlight areas such as Information security, Cloud computing, Software development, Learning tools and technologies, Enterprise systems, 3-D printing, and more.


Focus Areas

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    Cloud-Computing and Cybersecurity

    NSM-IT has been at the forefront of adopting the cloud culture within the college by transforming the on-premise infrastructures into cloud service deployments, leveraging multi-vendor cloud technologies for improved business processes and academic activities, supporting research activities that involve cloud, and driving innovation and experimentation with cloud tools.

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    The NSM-IT Application development team provides in-house application development using AWS, Google, Azure, and MyNSM to offer solutions and services to NSM Academics, Research, and the Business community.

    The MyNSM web applications are MyNSM Finance, MyNSM Reservation, MyNSM Inventory, MyNSM Records, and MyNSM Forms. 

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    Instructional Design

    The NSM-IT Instructional Technologies and Multimedia Team assists students, faculty, and staff in the college with a broad range of teaching/training, research, and learning tools to help improve academic experiences and business workflows.  
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    MyNSM Store

    The MyNSM Store features in-house services such as 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Poster Printing, and Multimedia Production; as well as affiliate services such as the UH Research Stores, UH Energy Coding workshops, and many others. Visit the MyNSM Store today to discover how we can help meet your needs.