EAS Downtowners Alumni Gather for Lunch

Group Meets Quarterly

Shawn Wright (Ph.D. ’15), who works for Hess, and Bill Beck (M.S. ’99), past president of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Alumni, have organized a group of EAS alums working in downtown Houston. The group meets quarterly for lunch.
They welcome all interested UH alums and friends of UH to join the luncheons. If interested in attending the next meeting, please contact Shawn Wright, SWright@hess.com

EAS AlumsThe group met on January 26 at The Conservatory; they are from left to right:

  • Shawn Wright (Ph.D. ’15), Hess
  • Leigh Fitzgerald (M.S. ’12), Chevron
  • Duane Pierce (M.S.’90), Blackstone Minerals
  • Nathan Gabelman (M.S., ’16), Oasis Petroleum
  • Kellie Ruling (M.S. ’16), Oasis Petroleum
  • Laura Unverzagt (M.S., ’12), Blackstone Minerals
  • Bill Beck (M.S. ’99)