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Incomplete Grade Agreement Form

Incomplete Policy

The temporary grade of I (incomplete) is a conditional and temporary grade assigned when students for non-academic reasons beyond their control have not completed a relatively small part of all requirements for a course.

The student must:

  • be currently passing the course or have a reasonable chance of passing the course, in the judgment of the instructor;
  • contact the instructor immediately regarding the reasons that prevent the student from completing the course, final assignment and/or final examination;
  • initiate the request for an I grade within 90 days of the posting of the course grade;
  • make arrangements with the instructor to complete the course requirements, if assigned;
  • understand that the only way to have an I grade changed to a passing grade is to fulfill course requirements in accordance with the conditions specified by the instructor;
  • understand that the grade of I may be changed only to another letter grade. If the student does not complete the course requirements in the time allotted (a maximum of one year) the I grade will convert to an F grade and will be noted as a lapsed incomplete on the student’s transcript. An I grade once lapsed to an F grade may not be changed to a grade of W; and
  • not re-enroll for the courses in which their grade is currently recorded as an I. Even when the conditions for fulfilling the course requirements include participation in all or part of the same course in another term, the student must not re-enroll for the course.

All grades of I shall be computed as grades of F in calculating a student’s cumulative grade point average for purposes of determining fulfillment of grade requirements for a degree.

After the student has completed the remaining coursework, the instructor will submit a grade change via the myUH Faculty Center to change the I grade to the grade earned.

Graduate Student - Incomplete Grade Agreement

The instructor must complete the PDF form, have the student sign the form as an acknowledgement, then the instructor should submit the form the mmpariyo@central.uh.edu

Undergraduate Student - Incomplete Grade Agreement

The NSM Incomplete Grade Agreement system is designed to provide a record of an Incomplete Agreement for both instructor and student, as well as for the Department Chair and Dean. Access to the system is outlined below.

Note: this system is currently only applicable to undergraduate students.

Initiate Incomplete Contract:

  1. Go to https://home.mynsm.uh.edu and log in using your Cougarnet credentials
  2. Click on “Forms” icon
  3. Click on “New Agreement” (top right hand side of page)
  4. Fill in the different boxes with the appropriate information – note the deadline for completion of the incomplete has a maximum of one calendar year. However, an instructor can use a shorter deadline for the completion., and that date can be entered in the “Deadline” box.
  5. Hit “Submit”
    • A copy of the contract is sent to the departmental folder where it can be accessed by the instructor (see below), the department chair (or designee) and the dean’s office
    • an e-mail is generated and sent to the student with an active button that allows the student to see a copy of the contract along with a brief explanation of the rules associated with the incomplete contract process. The student is asked to check an “Acknowledge” receipt box.

View Incomplete Contracts:

  1. Go to https://home.mynsm.uh.edu and log in using your Cougarnet credentials
  2. Click on “Forms” icon
  3. Click on “Incomplete Grade Agreement” (top left of page). All of your incomplete agreements will appear. Click on the  "Student ID" link to see the complete information.