Technical Reports - 2007 - University of Houston
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Technical Reports - 2007


Facial Motion Capture Editing by Automated Orthogonal Blendshape Construction and Weight Propagation
Qing Li and Zhigang Deng
October 17, 2007


Online Motion Capture Marker Labeling for Multiple Interacting Articulated Targets
Qian Yu, Qing Li and Zhigang Deng
September 26, 2007


Starvation Modeling and Identification in Dense 802.11 Wireless Community Networks
Cunqing Hua and Rong Zheng
August 13, 2007


On Supervised Density Estimation Techniques and Their Application to Clustering
Dan Jiang, Christoph F. Eick, and Chun-sheng Chen
August 13, 2007


A Grid Solver for Reaction-Convection-Diffusion Operators
Hatem Ltaief, Rainer Keller, Marc Garbey and Michael Resch
July 19, 2007


A Fast Navier Stokes Flow Simulation Tool for Image Based CFD
Bilel Hadri, Marc Garbey
July 17, 2007


A Dynamic Voltage Scaling Algorithm for Dynamic Workloads
Albert Mo Kim Cheng and Yan Wang
May 5, 2007


Secrecy Checking of Protocols: Solution of an Open Problem
Zhiyao Liang and Rakesh M Verma
April 9, 2007


Fault Tolerant Algorithms for Heat Transfer Problems
Hatem Ltaief, Edgar Gabriel and Marc Garbey
April 3, 2007


Toward a General Solution Verification Method For Complex PDE Problem With Hands Off Coding
Marc Garbey and Christophe Picard
February 20, 2007


Representing Definittions and Its Associated Knowledge in a Learning Program
Kam-Hoi Cheng
January 8, 2007