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Forms for Graduate Students

Graduate Student Handbook

Refer to the college website below for additional academic policies.

Grievance Policy

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Houston has a published grievance policy. Please see Grievance policy for more information.

Degree plans

Degree plans are to help keep track of academic progress and graduation purposes. An Initial plan is required at by the end of your 1st year and the Official version is in the final semester of filing for graduation. Contact the Graduate Advisor for an appropriate plan.

Graduate & Professional Student Petition

This form has multiple uses, including:

  • Change of Admission Status
  • Change of Classification
  • Course Overload
  • Change in Degree Objective
  • Degree Requirement Exception
  • Graduate Studies Leave of Absence-also include the college application.
  • Graduate Studies Leave of Absence
  • Graduate Studies Reinstatement
  • Change of Major
  • Writing Proficiency Requirement Exemption
  • Special Problems Course Request
  • Other (Request or Petitions Not Covered by Any Other Form)

Depending on the request, check both websites below for additional required forms:

Registration Process

Each long semester a link for enrollment request will be provided by the graduate advisor. Requests are reviewed and decisions will be sent via email. Official enrollment begins after the Program Chair has approved request(s).

Registration form is necessary only when one has missed the deadline for enrollment requests.

Download Registration Form

Adjustment to Initial Registration form

This form is used to request changes to your initial enrollment.
Download Adjustment to Initial Registration form

Oral Research Progress Committee Appointment

This form is used for graduate students in the Department of Chemistry to officially declare their Oral Research Progress(ORP) exam committee after approval from the Program Chair.

Download Oral Research Progress Official Committee form

For pre-selection of committee members, go to the site below.

To edit by adding or deleting a member on the previous approved committee form, complete all committee names on the new appointment form but only obtain the signature of newest member.

Oral Research Progress Exam

Download and send appropriate forms to committee members prior to the exam date. Committee evaluation summary is for the Chairperson and the worksheet is for all other members.

Download Committee Evaluation Summary Form

Download Committee Member Worksheet

Download Dissertation Progress Committee Approval Form

Committee Composition Approval Form

Thesis/Dissertation Committe composition approval form can be found on the college website, 

Forms for Graduate Students - University of Houston(

A change in committee composition form is required in the event of a change in the student’s committee.

Thesis/Dissertation Defense

There are no forms needed at the department level for the thesis or dissertation defense. Each student is responsible, however, for preparing his/her own signatures page for the thesis or dissertation based on the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics guidelines. Refer to links below for more information.