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Adam StuckertAdam Stuckert

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Research Division:
Ecology and Evolution (Primary)

Office: Science & Research 2, 366
Contact: astuckert@uh.edu

Education: Ph.D., East Carolina University; M.S., East Carolina University; B.S., Messiah College

Google Scholar Profile

Dr. Adam Stuckert is a biologist that uses an integrative research approach to understand the ecology, evolution, and genomics of complex phenotypes in natural systems. His work largely focuses on the evolution and maintenance of aposematism, the combination of a bright, conspicuous appearance with secondary defenses. Much of his ongoing research takes an ecological genomics approach to understand the mechanisms underlying divergent color and patterns, the sequestration of defensive chemicals, and the relationship between them. Additionally, his is keen on developing new genomic resources for non-model organisms, particularly amphibians, and leveraging these to answer biological questions.