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Stem Cell Cloning Experts Unraveling Cystic Fibrosis
Using gene editing, drug discovery for abnormal lung stem cells.

CNRCS Researcher Develops New Method for Detecting Tumor Cells
Tool has high specificity and sensitivity, University of Houston files for patent.

UH Researchers Find Climate Change Can Decrease Coastal Prairie Plant Diversity
Nature Ecology and Evolution study reveals precipitation’s effect on plant-soil interaction.

CNRCS Researchers Aid in Development of Cancer Eradicating Immunotherapy in Mice
Researchers expect human clinical trials to begin late 2022.

Biologists Conduct Largest Study of Parallel Evolution
Findings point to white clover’s quick adaptation to urban environments.

New Imaging Technique Could Lead to Better Treatment of Cancers, Viral Infections
UH researchers receive $1.2 million grant to peer into ribosomes.

Biology and Biochemistry Graduate Student Wins UH Three Minute Thesis Competition
Ritwika Biswas also won NSM’s 3MT in People’s Choice category.

Hidden Life of Houston: Uncovering Urban Wildlife Activity
Instructional professor Ann Cheek’s students study Houston’s wild animals.

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