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Controlled Burn Promotes Biodiversity at UH Coastal Center
UH staff, community volunteers and firefighters benefit from collaboration, burning nearly 100 acres of coastal prairie land.

Biology Grad Students Seek Answers to Breast Cancer Tumor Growth
Bahnassy and Asghari receive Robert Hazelwood Graduate Fellowships for Cancer Research.

Contraceptive Drug Shows Promise for Preventing and Regressing Cervical Cancer
Findings suggest a new affordable non-invasive approach.

Fishes and Rivers, Oh My! Biology Undergraduate Interns at NOAA
Internship experience takes Sanchez-Ruffra to Portland, Oregon.

UH Hosts Social Decisions Workshop
Will foster an interdisciplinary approach to social decision-making research.

Cloning to Fight Esophageal Cancer
Recreating the steps to malignancy leads to faster drug discovery.

The Paradox of Different House Flies with Few Genetic Differences
UH evolutionary biologist publishes findings on sex determinates of house flies.

How Do Social Networks Shape Political Decision-Making?
Researchers say science can explain – and improve – group decision-making.

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