STEGG-INTERACT Research and Mentoring for Post-Baccalaureates (RaMP) Program - University of Houston
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STEGG-INTERACT Research and Mentoring for Post-Baccalaureates (RaMP) Program

The Southeast Texas Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics Integrative Research and Collaborative Training (STEGG-INTERACT) program offers recent college graduates a collaborative mentored research experience on the evolutionary genetics of biological interactions, and training in technical and professional skills.


During this year-long program, participants will engage in collaborative research projects addressing a variety of questions about the evolution of biological interactions, including interactions among molecules within cells, between sexes within populations, and across species in communities. Training will include fundamental concepts in evolutionary biology and genetics, skills in bioinformatics, and professional skills such as scientific communication. For more information, watch this recorded information session.

The program is hosted by the University of Houston and participants’ research experiences will be based at UH, Rice University, or Texas A&M University.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in learning more about the STEGG-INTERACT program.

Faculty, Staff & Participants

Leadership & Administrative Staff

Research Mentors

  • Ricardo Azevedo (UH)
    Evolutionary genetics
  • Heath Blackmon (Texas A&M)
    Genome Evolution and Structural Evolution of Sex Chromosomes
  • Kerri Crawford (UH)
    Formation of Diverse Ecological Communities
  • Scott Egan (Rice)
    Adaptation and Genomic Architecture, In the Evolution of New Species
  • Kory Evans (Rice)
    Multivariate Trait Evolution in Fishes
  • Richard Meisel (UH)
    Animal Microbe Interactions and the Evolution of Sex Chromosomes and Determination
  • William Murphy (Texas A&M)
    Mammalian Comparative Genomics
  • Julia Saltz (Rice)
    Genetics and Evolution of Behavior
  • Aaron Tarone (Texas A&M)
    Fly Development, Evolution, Ecology, and Life History
  • Rebecca Zufall (UH)
    Evolutionary Genetics of Ciliates

Program Information

Program Dates

June 2024–May 2025


  • Receive a stipend of $32,500 plus an additional stipend to buy health insurance and cover parking/transportation costs.
  • Receive mentoring, networking opportunities, training, and professional development.
  • Be part of a cohort of 10 trainees.


  • Fully engage in all aspects of the program, including research, training, mentorship, and cohort building activities.
  • Take ownership of your research project, engage with the literature, and contribute to experimental design, data analysis, and writing.
  • Present your research and program experiences at the annual STEGG conference, your alma mater, and a Society conference.
  • This is a full-time program, running from June 1–May 30, thus participants cannot be otherwise employed or enrolled in other programs.


  • Must be U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or permanent residents of the U.S.
  • Must have received a bachelor’s degree in biology or a similar field no earlier than May 2020 (with exceptions for family, medical, or military leave).
  • Should have little or no previous research experience but should be interested in research in evolutionary biology.
  • Applicants from groups historically excluded from STEM are particularly encouraged.


Apply Now

The application has four components:

  1. Looking back - describe your interests and/or obstacles you have overcome (250–500 words).
  2. Looking forward - what are you expectations for this program and how will you grow (250–500 words).
  3. Anything else you want us to know?
  4. Two letters of recommendation.

More details are provided on the application portal - NSF ETAP.


  • Early deadline (for full consideration): February 15, 2024
  • Late deadline: March 31, 2024