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Home Page Feature Request Form

Use the form below to request a Feature posting on the UH homepage.  Use the guidelines to help determine if your request is a feature or a calendar event.  Items with an internal audience and/or informational communications only or the audience is narrowly defined should be communicated through listservs: faculty, staff, student.

Home Page Feature Guidelines

Created to showcase UH to EXTERNAL audiences.

  • A highlight/feature should be timely, significant, and highlight a benefit for UH
  • An event can be a highlight/feature if it meets the criteria
  • Item should appeal to a broad audience, including external  
  • Items that primarily tout UH (rankings, grants, recognitions), its initiatives (arts, energy, student success, etc.) or programs, its research, its faculty or other stakeholders, speak of our collaborations with community
  • Items that communicate important information (campus safety, etc.)
  • Has an accompanying photo that is engaging and meets the following:
    • Should be a .jpg
    • Must have image that will fit a 720 pixel width x 540 pixel height
    • Should not have any text elements
    • Must have web publishing rights

Home Page Calendar Guidelines

  • A calendar event is something that happens or occurs
  • Homepage events should be open to the public and related to our Big Rocks or strategic initiatives: student success (career fairs), energy, arts, athletics, etc.

Use the following link to submit a calendar event.

Non-peak Times

During the summer or slow news and event periods, the criteria for posting items as a feature or calendar item are open to all submissions. 

All fields are required.

Contact Information
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Feature Information

Please note: Items submitted for the home page feature should be photographs or graphical images that do not contain text elements

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