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Types of Partnerships

University of Houston as the lead

If the University of Houston is the lead partner, the University brand takes precedence and materials should be designed in such manner.

University of Houston as an equal partner

If all partners have equal stake, the University of Houston brand should not take precedence. Neutral branding should be used to accommodate all parties.

University of Houston supported by an external party

If the University of Houston or any of its programs are supported or sponsored by an external party, the University of Houston brand should not be used and marketing materials or communications should not be represented as official correspondence from the University.

You must include a phrase indicating that the external party is in support of UH or its program.

For example: The Friends of Women’s Studies supports the Women Gender and Sexuality Studies program at the University of Houston.

University of Houston as a/the sponsor

If the University of Houston has endorsed/sponsored/or given to another organization, the UH logo should be used along with language that clearly indicates the relationship between the University of Houston and the sponsored organization

Need Help?

Contact with any details about your partnership and any relevant organizations. The Division of Marketing, Communication and Media Relations will assist in determining what relationship and use of brand is relevant.