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Brand Value

Our brand is where our story takes shape.

Brand is more than just a logo. It’s an idea or perception that lives in the hearts and minds of people. A brand is the Reputation, Quality, Personality, Experience, Message, and Unique attributes of an organization.

It’s the intersection of what we say about ourselves, how we act, what people think of us, and why we’re different from other higher education institutions. It’s authentic. It inspires and makes the University’s contributions and value easy to understand.

By having a strong, unified brand we shape our audience perception and cultivate a personal connection through the stories we tell.

Let’s tell it with pride.

Brand Platform

We’re a distinct part of one of the largest, most industrious and diverse metropolitan cities in the world. Our students, faculty and researchers are part of the fuel that makes this city run.

Cougars are driven to excel and with award-winning faculty and researchers – we’re gaining speed.

Not only are we a knowledge resource to the public, we are also a partner committed to civic engagement with our neighboring communities.

We’re in it for discovery and are constantly inspired by the world around us.

"The University of Houston is a destination for the driven."

Our positioning statement can be proven by stating facts, using examples, and telling specific stories relating to our three brand pillars: University Strides, Staggering Potential in the City of Houston and our Self-Starter Mentality.

Below are proof points that will help guide marketing communications materials.

University Strides

  • Top-ranked academic programs
  • Problem-solving research with practical applications
  • Metropolitan campus with the feel of a large traditional campus
  • Leadership focusing on student success as overall rankings rise

Staggering Potential in the City of Houston

  • 4th largest city in the United States —and growing
  • Largest health system in U.S. (Texas Medical Center)
  • Thriving energy industry
  • International hub
  • Low cost of living and low unemployment

Self-Starter Mentality

  • Ambitious, entrepreneurial UH grads fuel Houston
  • High percentage of first-generation college students
  • Notable alumni accomplishments in research, sports, the arts, and business