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Work by Jennifer Marion & Julia Kidd

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

10:00 am -

Explore the work of Julia Kidd, MFA Painting candidate, and Jennifer Marion, MFA Photography & Digital Media candidate, at Galleries 1 & 2 in Elgin Street Studios.

“until further notice”
Jen Marion
Gallery 1

Due to a custody battle, Jen was unable to relocate to Houston for her first year of graduate school, and was forced into a twice daily 2-hour long commute. The layers of imposition, inconvenience and control enacted by their ex could easily have veered Jen off course during a pivotal moment in their life. Undaunted, the multidisciplinary artist found a way to reclaim this arduous journey, carve out a space for joy and grit, and to use the drive itself as an extension of her studio practice. In the gallery are ephemera from the commute, felted words and fragments that Jen’s ex texted during the custody battle, a car seat, balloons, videos the artist created while driving, and even an air freshener. We are given a glimpse into the drive, the chaos, the anxiety, the state of mind, and the glimmers of hope from an extraordinarily challenging moment in the artist’s life.

“Finding Serenity”
Julia Kidd
Gallery 2

With fluorescent intensity, Julia explores bodies, abstraction, light and color. I imagine the sun, a spotlight or a candle behind these forms, streaming through and around flesh to reveal blood and tissue, neon and luminous.

Elgin Street Gallery
UH School of Art 
4188 Eglin Street, Rm 100
Houston, Tx. 77204